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Meet Rachel

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Rachel Treece

Rachel Treece, a dynamic and multifaceted entrepreneur, serves as the CEO of fts global and The Henka Institute. As an accomplished Executive Coach, Psychologist, Leadership Trainer, and M&A authority, she is also an in-demand speaker.

Rachel is the best-selling author of "The Henka Effect" and hosts the popular podcast "Flex and the City," which focuses on leadership in the financial services sector.

With a strong background in global financial services, Rachel has extensive experience leading multicultural teams for prestigious FTSE and Fortune 100 companies. In 2012, she was honoured as one of the Most Inspiring Women in Entrepreneurship and co-founded the charity Dress for Success (Luxembourg).

A respected lecturer at the University of London and University of Newcastle (London), Rachel contributes to MBA and entrepreneurship programs and mentors young women on various international platforms. As a thought-leader, speaker, writer, and executive coach, Rachel is recognised as an expert in organisational health, employee engagement, communication, and inclusion.

A fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Rachel helps business leaders innovate, adapt, and communicate in today's ever-evolving world, characterized by disruptive and unpredictable changes. Originally from the UK, she became a naturalized Luxembourgish citizen in 2014. Fluent in four languages, Rachel is married to Keith and has a teenage daughter. Based in Luxembourg, she enjoys living near the airport, which fuels her passion for travel—though current circumstances have temporarily limited her adventures.

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