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Entrepreneur, Leadership Expert, Motivational speaker and Straight Talking Executive Coach.

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Rachel Treece is one of the most sought-after executive leadership coaches and facilitators in the world. She operates throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific and is passionate about improving organisations through Leadership, Communication, Culture and Purpose. Her companies are part of wellgroup, an organisation designed to make financial services the best it can be. For many years Rachel has been coaching executives and teams over virtual platforms like Zoom.


Her unique coaching style is straight talking. No messing. Results.

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Learning and Development Solutions for financial services companies across the globe.


ICF Accredited Coach Training Programmes


Changing the culture of financial services companies by implementing an embedded coaching culture.


Creating a highly engaged culture in organisations


Helping financial services companies to sell in a  changing world.

Hack the Future Interview

Global Disruption Thinker Terence Mauri interviews Rachel Treece on his Hack The Future show.



Giving executives support through creation of meditations to support heart centered leadership and the ability to remain calm in pressured moments.

Flex and the City Podcast and Blog

Flex and the City was born out of my passion to make financial services great!! I interview the top leaders in Financial Services who are making a difference to the industry. I want to hear their own story. I'm always interested to hear from you so do tweet me on @racheltreece