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FLEX AND THE CITY Episode 6: Why Baking Purpose into Financial Services is the Future w/ Rosie Guest

Rachel Treece is an Executive and Leadership Coach, and a training expert. She is passionate about learning and making financial services better through sustainable transformation and engagement. She is CEO of fts global and WELLBUSINESS™ and interviews leaders from all over the world on Flex and the City from her base in Luxembourg.

At #FlexAndTheCity we are always interested to be able to share learning from other disciplines on leadership.

I was delighted to be able to interview Rosie Guest, who is Global Head of Marketing and Communications at Apex Group, to talk about how expectations of leaders in the financial services space are changing. Rosie’s story is an interesting one especially for those interested in leading financial services organisations during times of mergers and acquisitions (Rosie has been through 11 in 2 years!!!).

I also had to ask Rosie to share her passion for baking and as we learn in Flex And The City there is much to be learnt from Football, Vampires, The Referee and yes, the humble soufflé about Leadership.


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