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FLEX AND THE CITY Special Episode #2: Why Financial Services Needs Great Captain in Choppy Waters

Rachel Treece is an Executive and Leadership Coach, and a training expert. She is passionate about learning and making financial services better through sustainable transformation and engagement. She is CEO of fts global and WELLBUSINESS™ and interviews leaders from all over the world on Flex and the City from her base in Luxembourg.

When we decided to run a special #FlexAndTheCity episode to support leaders in financial services in this challenging time, we looked for diversity in geography and in experience. We managed to speak to Jim Fitzpatrick and Paul O'Neil who had previously lived through managing large teams during 9/11, we were able to explore with Dan Houlihan what kind of leadership is required now, and Nicolas Mackel who gave us his insights into what might come out of the current global challenge.

These leaders were united on many things, but two emphasised in particular that:

  1. Humans are remarkably resilient and even innovative during challenging times

  2. A deeply human, clear, straightforward, honest, coaching and supportive leadership is what is required right now.


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