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Why Organisations Need a Vaccine Now!

...and Henka is it!

In this COVID era we are searching for a vaccine. I also believe that we need a vaccine for organisations, which is why we created the Henka Institute, built on our global coaching experience in search of a transformational solution.

Think about it; an organisation is an organism or a system like that of humans. To function optimally it needs a brain, a voice, a gut, a name and needs to have meaning. It also has a conscious and a subconscious and has beliefs. In fact, the words ‘corporate’ and ‘corporation’ originate from the Latin corpus ‘body’ and ‘organisation’ curiously starts with the word ‘organ’; both are bodies that need care and nurturing. 

To transform, stay well and robust, a body needs to have a strong immune system and it may need vaccines to protect it. It is the same for organisations and corporates, they also need to have a strong immune system and vaccines.

When we created Henka (変化) we knew that we were creating a methodology to develop corporate muscles and a vaccine. Henka is the Japanese word for transformation and our concept is to create coaching cultures in organisations that support the process of transformation with the goal to make organisations more performant and sustainable.

Our accredited coaching Certificate, Diploma and Masters are now available. Our programs are available globally and are delivered virtually until such time we can meet again in your organisation, country and coaching community.  


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